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Customer Testimonial

Hello Mark and Candace,

I promised a picture so here you go.  We did our build on sight at our ski club lake.
We had supplies to build 2 chairs. After day one of cutting and organizing we stopped
to enjoy the lake. That night a huge wind storm hit. The wind made a mess of our
organization but most importantly our set of plans. We were able to recover everything
except the last page...the assembly diagram! We were lost. 

We called and managed to get an email out to you and thank you so much for sending
another set of plans.  However, because we were on sight and cell service was sparse
we were unable to download the plans.  Thank goodness for lots of pictures. It may not
be exact but we finished our 2 chairs! We used old waterskis for the backrest and the
arm rest to give it our waterski flare. They are the hit of the lake and we fight to
get to sit in them. We are considering building another, but double wide to watch the
sunset with someone special.

Thanks guys for the extra support, awesome plans, and great ideas.