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GoneCoastal Lifeguard Chairs made by Tom Laskowski


GoneCoastal Lifeguard Chair for real lifeguards


GoneCoastal Lifeguard Chairs made by John and Vicki Forelli

Here's some news for ya...


We all have a lot of fun with lifeguard chairs. We use them in our back yards, pool side, baloneys, we paint really cool things on them, we make them our own. But the truth is, lifeguard chairs are all about safety – being up high enough to keep an eye on your loved ones while they are swimming or out on the beach... and looking good while you're doing it! LOL!


A lot of great things have happened since we started GoneCoastal. A lot of people have been helped by other people through our website and products and we are very proud and honored for that. If you need to use our products to raise funds for a good cause we commend you and would like to be a part of it and help get the word out for you.


Please know that you are not just a number to us. Every customer that purchases an item from us becomes part of the GoneCoastal family and we get very excited and want to see how you use your GoneCoastal Furniture. We love to see your imagination at work! Creativity is very important to us and we are proud of our products and love to see how you use them.


Right now is the time to get started on some spring building. I spring clean in the winter so I can stay outside in the summer, ha ha! Mark does the building, but I do help. You can get plans to build your own lifeguard chair, or get our easy-to-assemble kits for bar stools, lifeguard chairs, adirondack chairs, tables and more. Fill free to browse our site and check out our testimonials and gallery.


You guys really need to like us on Facebook. We are having a blast sharing our good times and pics of chairs you have made from our plans or put together from our kits. We are involved with organizations that are doing some great things for people, and we love to promote them. It's really a lot of fun and we enjoy visiting with you all.


We have designs that no one else has so yours would be an original GoneCoastal design even if you build it yourself. Our products make great gifts for your family and friends. It's a gift that keeps on giving – they are even used to save lives, what an honor!


Thanks to all of our GoneCoastal Family, you are all doing a really great job! Just remember... stay GoneCoastal, and hold that thought!
Mark & Candace Thomson

Cedar Adirondack Kits

'Bear Chair' Adirondack Kits

Our Adirondacks are so comfy you will want to lounge all day! The chairs in this picture are cedar and stained with Cabots Timber Oil in Natural. Cedar or pine, take a look, there are several styles to pick from even for the youngsters in the family! They make great gifts too! Accessories are also available in cedar or pine.

NEW! GoneCoastal Sidekick Table

GoneCoastal Sidekick Table

Get the plans or a kit that is 90% assembled.

The Sidekick Table was designed by request to be used as a small side table with the Barstool or the Original Lifeguard chair. It can also be used as a tall stool on it's own.

GoneCoastal Tote Chair

GoneCoastal Plans and Kits

Get the plans, kit or a completely assembled chair!

This chair is perfect for the beach, ballpark, camping or anywhere you need a chair that breaks down for easy carrying or storage. This is our version of the old Boy Scout slip chair. We have made improvements in comfort and stability.

Lifeguard Barstool & Barstool Table Plans & Kits

GoneCoastal Plans and Kits

The Barstool Table and Lifeguard Barstools are perfect for outdoor kitchens, screened-in porches, pool decks, patios - just imagine! Plans & Kits are now available.

Palm Tree Headboard Plans

GoneCoastal Plans and Kits

The GoneCoastal Palm Tree Headboard plans allow you to build King, Queen and Twin sizes. This headboard is something out of a storybook. It is absolutely darling! It was featured in the 2006 Festival of Trees in Tacoma Washington.



Landshark that is. See a larger picture.


Enter the gallery
Enter the gallery

Check out how some of our customers have used their imagination in our gallery! Candace has brought to life, with her loveable art, other peoples' visions on their outdoor furniture and accents, and they love it!

About Us

Hi, I'm Candace. My husband, Mark is a United States Navy veteran.

We took a hobby and turned it into a home based business made in the U.S.A. so we would have something to do when we retire. We worked very hard to create these products. It took years, days and hours to create this website with our very good friend Mike Foster and to design and construct our own plans to build, and kits to assemble for your convenience! Please take your time and browse our site. Use your imagination!

Give us a call at 205-822-0703 or email us.


Thanks for visiting!
Mark & Candace Thomson

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